1. Fixed Deposits

Interest rates w.e.f.
15 days to 29 days  
30 days to 45 days  
46 days to 90 days  
91 days to 180 days  
181 days to 364 days  
12 months 2 years  
25 months to 36 months  
37 months and above  
1% extra for senior citizen

2. Re-investment accounts

3. Savings Bank Deposits, interest @ 3.5% per annum on daily balance

4. Current Accounts

5. Recurring Deposit

Loan and Advances

1. Equitable Mortgage Loan: Loans up to _____ lakhs are sanctioned. The period of loan is up to five      years.

2. Personal Surety Loan: Loans up to 25000/- one principal borrower and two sureties are to be      involved in this scheme. The repayment period is up to two years.

3. Gold Loan: For the convenience of the customers there are three schemes
a. Business gold loan – period one monthb. Gold loan special – period three monthsc. Gold loan ordinary – period six months
4. Cash credit a. Deposit cash creditb. Gold cash creditc. Cash credit based on collateral
5. Deposit Loans: 80% of the deposit amount can be taken as loan